Hey everyone, we are getting close to wrapping up our annual Satisfaction Surveys – so today’s SPOTLIGHT is about feedback surveys!

We send these surveys to you – the people we support, home share providers, stakeholders like parents, family and community members, and our employees – because we really want to know what you think about how we are doing.  We want to know how we are doing, and we want to know how we can do better!

When you fill out a survey, you’re giving us the tools we need to do better for YOU.  And that’s what we want!

THANK YOU for being part of our improvement efforts!  We couldn’t do it without you.

Don’t forget to check out our WE HEARD YOU page – new this year!  We are looking forward to keeping you “in the know” about our next steps…

Have feedback, but it isn’t survey time?  No problem!  Get in touch with us anytime you want to tell us what you think.  Comments welcome – post and we will get back to you!

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Great News! Josh’s First Ride

Hey everybody, we just heard some Great News and we want to share it with you!

This is Josh – and this is Josh’s first time riding on a horse.  This was really exciting for Josh and for everyone around him.  Special thanks to the instructor, who was great keeping the horse very calm.  And a huge thanks to Josh’s team for supporting him with his first ride!

Way to go Josh – this looks like a blast!  We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more pictures as you keep on riding.

Like to ride horses too?  Leave us a comment and tell us where you go to ride!

SPOTLIGHT: Sun Safety!

Hey everybody, the weather’s getting hot.

So, in this SPOTLIGHT, we are focusing on Sun Safety!

Sun Safety is all about getting outside and staying busy in nice weather, but also making sure that we take care of our health and avoid the risks of being in the sun.  There are some really great tips on sun safety here (at the Government of Canada website).

And, to keep things fun, the Minions team up Olympic Gold Medallist Stephanie Rice in this fun video with sun safety tips.  Check it out!

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SPOTLIGHT: BC Ombudsperson Investigation – MSDPR to reimburse funds to income assistance recipients

Hey everyone, there is some big news brewing around reassessment of income assistance to individuals who work – check out this article.


SPOTLIGHT: Farmers Market Program Funding Increase!

Hey everyone, here is some great news coming from our colleagues at Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (STADD) – thanks for passing along!  Check it out:

Funding increase for low income residents and expectant mothers to access weekly coupons in fresh fruits, veggies and eggs at local farmers markets

Media release here:

Participating farmers markets:

Program description here: